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Township Brands Store Shopfittings From Upcycled Materials

We recently teamed up with Groworx Design to develop a concept for shop fittings for theTownship Brands store in Alex Mall using upcycled and donated items only.
The store is providing a platform for start-up designers who are creating items that are edgy and fun. We therefore got carte blance to push the boundaries in terms of materials used.
The video below shows the work in progress. So far we have used old wooden pallets from a logistics company, usedmilk crates from a restaurant, wicker baskets from a recycling facility, and ress rails donated by a retailer. Still to come is the checkout counter made from tyres and glass, and the changing ‘room’ from donated fabric.
We are so excited about this project because it has allowed us to play with different items and to show that anything can be repurposed and reused, rather than just being sent to landfill!