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About Us

directorsWe are committed to social and environmental transformation, and to the development of sustainable community-based programmes which are tailor-made to fit our client’s needs

Our experience in B-BBEE consulting; Stakeholder Engagement; Project Management; Community Development; Broad-based Economic Development; and Strategic Facilitation allows us to provide out-of-the-box, strategic and value-adding solutions.

What We Do ...

Our programmes are aligned to the Skills Development; Enterprise and Supplier Development; and Socio-Economic Development Pillars of the BEE Codes of Good Practice, as well to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Poverty Alleviation and Climate Protection.

  • Skills Development – Our B-BEE, Carbon Footprint Analysis and Carbon Tax training for employees, and Environmental Focus Learnerships for employees and unemployed are aligned to the BEE Skills Development requirements.
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development – We provide Training and Development programmes for Enterprise and Supplier Development beneficiaries from within companies’ supply chains and outside of them.
  • Socio Economic Development and Waste Transformation –  We have developed three innovative products from non recyclable coffee cups, bathroom paper hand towels, and plastic crates and buckets.
  • Carbon Tax and Carbon Offsetting – The South African Carbon Tax act became effective on the 01 June 2019. Organisations in the mining, manufacturing sectors are liable for Carbon Tax. We will estimate your potential liability for carbon tax and facilitate the purchase of carbon credits on your behalf

5inc Vision

To develop a conscious community movement which fosters and promotes skills development through the core objective of developing opportunities for long-term job creation and entrepreneurship whilst ensuring environmental sustainability.

5inc Mission

Our Mission is to enable historically impoverished communities to become employable, to develop enterprises through upskilling, to develop creative solutions for waste transformation, and to promote environmental protection.

Our Team

5Inc is made up of highly experienced and professional members who have extensive knowledge of and experience in project management; B-BBEE training and advisory; environmental awareness; community development; carbon tax analysis; and entrepreneurial development.