Sustainability Goals Hampered by Complexity? Get Your ESG Strategy on Track

Established businesses today face increasing pressure to prioritize environmental responsibility. However, translating that commitment into a clear and actionable ESG strategy can feel daunting. Here at 5Inc, we understand these challenges. Our team’s combined expertise bridges the gap between your sustainability goals and a practical ESG roadmap.

What We Stand For

We champion sustainable solutions for inclusive businesses , financial literacy for empowered people of all backgrounds, , and a thriving future where everyone prospers.


To be a catalyst for positive change, equip corporations with sustainable, inclusive solutions and to empower historically disadvantaged communities through financial education programs.


To build a future where businesses flourish, sustainability thrives, progress leaves no one behind, and financial empowerment becomes a reality for all.


At the heart of 5Inc lies values that guide everything we do:

Financial Empowerment

As advocates for financial education, we prioritize empowering individuals and corporations with the knowledge and skills necessary for informed and strategic financial decision-making. Through comprehensive education, monitoring, and training, we contribute to a future where financial literacy is a cornerstone of success. Additionally, we believe financial empowerment extends to businesses. We help our clients find impactful solutions that are not only strategically sound but also drive positive financial results.

Diversity,Equity, and Inclusion

We are unwavering in our commitment to creating an inclusive environment that values diversity and champions equity.


We’re not just driven by success, we’re driven by purpose. We believe in a future where businesses thrive while building a better tomorrow, where progress enriches both communities and the planet.

Value Add

5Inc is a 100% Black Owned Exempt Micro Enterprise. Procurement from us allows our clients to claim 135% spend on the ESD Pillar, and achieve points for EME, black-owned and black woman-owned spend.